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A Surrey DUI Lawyer Can Help During an IRP License Suspension Appeal
January 7th, 2014 by gosal on

DUI License Suspension

DUI License Suspension

An immediate roadside prohibition (IRP) is one of the most dramatic ways you can lose your license in Surrey. British Columbia DUI laws allow an officer to pull you over, ask you to take a breathalyzer test, and suspend your license effective immediately. Nobody wants to experience that, but it happens all too often. Your blood alcohol level (BAC) only has to be .05 for you to be detained and your license suspended. It starts with your car being towed and you being forced to get a cab home, and of course your life can be thrown into turmoil from there.

Even though you’re in this situation, you have no right to a lawyer in the eyes of Canadian law. So if you’re going to get one, you have to do the work yourself. Do you need a DUI lawyer for an IRP license suspension appeal? Or can you handle it yourself? Most likely, you don’t want to spend money on a lawyer. But no matter how much you learn about IRP suspensions, you’ll never know as much as someone who has defended countless people in almost exactly the same position as you.

An experienced Surrey DUI lawyer will be able to walk you through the initial steps, such as going to the Responsible Driver Program (RDP) and installing an Ignition Interlock into your car. Both of these things are required before you can get your license back. Any delay can cause your suspension to last a lot longer than the stated 90 days. With someone on your side who knows exactly how to get through the process and conduct your IRP license suspension appeal, you can get through this difficult time as quickly as possible. You’ll be grateful that you have someone to help.

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