Faulty ASD used by Surrey RCMP in DUI could Malfunction
August 7th, 2011 by gosal on

We have discovered some evidence through recent IRP Disclosure.

If anyone had an 3, 7, or 90 day Driving License suspension issued a result of the new DUI drunk driving laws, for an Immediate Roadside Prohibition on or about July 30th, on the BC Long weekend, by a Surrey Detachment, involving an Officer with last name starting with “RA” or otherwise in and around July 30, please contact us immediately.

The ASD is prescribed byt law under the Motor Vehicle Act Approved Screening Device Regulations.  Which include the Alcolmeter S-L2, ALco-Sensor IV DWF, and Aclo-Sensor FST.

There is evidence to suggest that one of the ASD’s used in DUI and IRP investiagations was malfunctioning, which could call into question the Validity of the Demand, and result of the Approved Screening Device. 

The Office of Superitendent of Motor Vehicles conducts the reviews, and you have very strict time limitations for filing the Review, for either Written or Oral hearing. under Section 215.48 of the Motor Vehicle Act.   Email us at wabclawyers@aol.com

We serve client for IRP an DUI prohibitions around the province, including, Richmond, DUI Burnaby, DUI in Surrey, Newton, Vancouver, Delta, Langley, Metro Vancouver DUI Lawyers, and all areas outside the lower mainland.

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