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Ignition Interlock Program and Responsible Driver Program
March 14th, 2011 by gosal on

Fight BC’s new DUI Licence Suspension Laws!

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I provide Flat Fees for 1) reviewing your Immediate Roadside Prohibition Documents – Report to Superintendent provided by the Officer the Office of Superintendent of Motor Vehicles ( BC ), and rendering an opinion on possible legal issues, and validity of the Driver License Suspension and degrees of success.
My legal fees are $750 plus HST for this service.
I want to make sure you understand what the facts are, what the applicable law is to your case, so you can make an Informed Decision whether to go ahead or not with the Appeal.
If after our advice on the viability of the appeal, you decide to instruct me to go ahead with the actual  Review at that point, I then offer a Flat Fee for conducting actual DUI Licence Suspension Review Hearing. My legal fees are in the range of $3,300-3,600, plus taxes and disbursements (less any fees paid for stage 1), depending on how complex the case is, and time involved. I will give you a firm quote once I review the Immediate Roadside Prohibition Documents.
My Criminal DUI Trial fees are around $6,000 to $10,000 plus taxes and disbursements. However, you get the benefit of the same knowledge and study, for the above rates.
Take advantage of my 12 years of DUI Trial knowledge, learned from years of DUI Courtroom battle on your License Suspension Appeal.
EMAIL US AT: WABCLAWYERS@aol.com if you have been given a BC Roadside Suspension. The Police are working on weekends to give you License Suspensions, and we are also available on weekends, given the urgency of your case, as there are currently no grace periods for filing the appeal.
We also offer the Attorney Client, and Solicitor-Client Privilege. This means that you can tell me all the details of the case, including things the Police may not know, and we are not bound to tell that to the OSMV Adjudicator, and can sometimes use that to our advantage, in terms of the Adjudicator not having certain “admissions” by you, if you conduct the hearing on your own.
The government has set the driving suspension at 90 days. However, that is the minimum period you must wait, as you have to complete the following two items before you get your license back: Ignition Interlock Program (IIP), and Responsible Driver Program (RDP). There are currently delays, of up to 6 weeks in certain areas of BC, in order to have the Ignition Interlock installed, so you may be looking at a period of 4-5 months before you get your license back!

The Government has now, quite offensively, assumed that you have a problem with alcohol, that you must be rehabilitated before you can get your license back. Understandable if it’s your 2nd or 3rd conviction, but a first offender, with no criminal charges, and one “Fail.”

The BC Government has contracted out services to Guardian Interlock Systems for this program. Again, the government simply irrebuttabley presumes that you are an alcoholic or require Rehabilitation. You have to call then at 1-(866)-474-6252, or other numbers provided by the OSMV/ Road Safety BC.

Your ignition interlock terms will be for a minimum period of 12 months. You cannot apply for a reduction in time. However, the OSMV can extend the program, if they feel that you have not complied with the programs. You can’t drive a vehicle that doesn’t have this device.
Once you get the device installed, then you go to apply for a new Interlock Restricted Driver Licence.
Your BC Driver license will have a “Restriction Code 51” placed on it, being “Ignition Interlock Required.”
Violations could mean: failed breath tests, tampering with the device or driving a vehicle without the Ignition Interlock. No financial assistance is provided by the government, in terms of the expenses for the lease, installation, use, servicing, or removal.
Although I had a person advise me that she had to have the machine fixed, after she had eaten crackers, and the machined gave a false-positive, and the machine had to be recalibrated. She was worried that ICBC would consider this as a failed breath test.
If you have a work vehicle, or a second vehicle, that you will be driving, once you finally get your license back, then you will have to install the Ignition Interlock into that vehicle.
Get this, you will also be Responsible for any Violations for any program violations occur, even if you are NOT THE DRIVER!

Government sources reveal that the device will record all program activitiy including attempts to tamper with it. If an attempt at disconnecting it, or bypassing the device, or what is construed as the same occurs, the device will repeatedly warn you to shut the vehicle off. If the warnings are not adhered too, then the vehicles horn blasts, and hazard lights flash until the vehicle is shut down.

Big Brother is now in your dash.
You then have to go to the local interlock installation centre, every month or two, so that the installation centre can download the data from the device.
If you don’t go to the installation centre, then the machine can enter into a “permanent lockout state,” which effectively disables your motor vehicle from operating.
If the OSMV deems you to have “tampered” with the device, then you can be removed from the program, and have your BC Driver License cancelled.

If you are not the person that brings the vehicle in for servicing, you’ll probably face more interrogations and extension of the Interlock.

Criminal Code Convictions, such as Impaired Driving, DUI, Over.08, Refusal to Blow, will trigger an Automatic driver license suspension under the Motor Vehicle Act. If this happens to you, while on the program, then your interlock term will end, and you have to immediately call Guardian to have the device removed.
If you ever get out of this program, your driving record will be closely monitored, for at least 5 years. If you receive ANY alcohol related tickets, guess what you will likely have installed into your vehicle again…for at least another 12 months.
The BC Government has contracted out services to Stroh Health Care for this program.

If you don’t complete the Stroh Program, then your licence will be cancelled without further notice to you.
The fees are $985 for this program, and you can’t drive “until you get the rehab you need now” according to Government documents.
If you fail to attend, there can be additional fees, such as Counselling Program, post-intervention assessment, screening interview, and education program, which are over $700 cumulatively.

You have 1 year to complete this program, and if you do not, then the OSMV may extend the ignition interlock program, until you complete it, and you will have to pay the monthly monitoring charges, until the RDP is complete and the OSMV is satisfied that you are ready for unrestricted driving privileges.

Get our over decade and a half of  of DUI Trial, ADP, and IRP experience in your Corner. Your life is about to change, the best thing you can do, is at least try to fight this Draconian Legislation, with an investment of at least getting the documents reviewed by one who has a proven track record and dedication to the area.  That may be a fraction of the cost and pain you will have if you don’t fight the case.

Get Dil Gosal. Get the Defence You Deserve.

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